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The Region

The Region

Corangamite Shire

Camperdown is the biggest town within the Corangamite Shire, in Western Victoria. The Shire boundaries span from Skipton in the north, to the coast at Port Campbell to the south.


The population of the shire is around 16,000, of which around 3,500 reside in Camperdown. As demonstrated by the chart below, Camperdown in terms of demand for residential property, is a ‘high demand market’.


The average price range for available houses in the town, is between $312,500 for a three-bedroom house to $595,000 for a four-bedroom house, with the number of inspections for each sale much less than the general average for Victoria, (source:



High demand market


Visits per property Camperdown



Visits per property

Average of VIC



Corangamite Shire has a progressive attitude to business, with an officer employed for the purpose of management of growth and engagement, plus another officer dedicated to sustainable development within the Shire, ( ).


The primary business activities within the Shire currently are agriculture, forestry, dairy manufacturing and fishing, (, with Camperdown being the home of Camperdown Dairies, and Western Star Butter is based in the Corangamite Shire town of Cobden.

The Corangamite shire is located to the south/west of Melbourne, with the major port of Geelong to the east, with both Melbourne and Geelong accessed by rail and road.

The township of Camperdown is the headquarters for the Shire and the main focus for future growth potential for the region.

Corangamite Shire VBA.jpg

There can be numerous opportunities to introduce a range of industrial business models to Camperdown, and whilst local employment is strong, there are solid grounds to attract new employment to the area, with excellent schools, (, (, along with medical services and a strong local community environment.


Plus, there are areas of land available within the township of Camperdown that would be suitable for residential subdivision, to provide future accommodation for the new workforce, along with an enthusiastic local council looking to support growth.


The Corangamite Shire fits within the Victorian Government ‘Great South Coast Regional Plan’, with the range of emerging opportunities wide and varied, from solar power, wind farms, battery storage, all currently either active and/or in planning.

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